1KG Chromatic Alginate

1KG Chromatic Alginate

Our very popular chromatic alginate as used in our 3D casting kits. This is a dental grade, colour changing alginate, which makes it easier for mixing as it changes colour and it sets in 1.5 - 2 minutes, making it really easy to use with young babies or children, as they don't have to wait with their hand/foot in the mixture for ages, waiting for it to set. This alginate captures amazing detail, every line and wrinkle will be replicated, perfect for life-casting and for replenishing your casting kit if you have used all yours up and still not created some good moulds, this will give you plenty to practice with. This 1kg tub size will create up to approx. 14 baby moulds of a baby under 1 year of age and the bag comes with basic instructions for ratio of powder to water.

Alginate is derived from seaweed and is perfectly safe to use, even on newborn baby skin,  it conforms to all UK British safety standards BS 4269 pt. 2:1991 and ISO 1563: 1990 and creates minimal dust, the powder is very fine and has good elastic properties and sets consistently.

Chromatic Alginate:

1kg Chromatic Alginate Impression Powder
Simple Instructions on how much to use per what amount of water.

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