2D Clay Outprints Impressions Studio Service

2D Clay Outprints Impressions Studio Service

A stunning keepsake service available at our Torpoint (Cornwall) studio BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, simply book an appointment to come in and have your initial moulds taken in super-soft clay and from these hand and/or feet impressions, we will create your finished, beautiful baby keepsake, we will take a non-refundable £25.00 deposit over the phone to secure your appointment slot, this will of course come off the final price of your keepsake. At your appointment, you will be able to choose the finishes you require and the frame option you would like, these impressions can be framed with or without a favourite photo, supplied by you. These impressions will take approx. 4 weeks for us to complete, we will enhance the prints and finish them in a way that will bring out the detail in them, for a really fascinating keepsake that you will treasure for years to come. Simply call us to book your appointment with us.

Our keepsake artists are very experienced and will be able to get good prints of even the tiniest of newborn babies, this doesn't take very long to obtain the prints, you should allow approx. 30 minutes for the appointment, these moulds then need to be enhanced before being cast in strong, fine plaster and then left to completely dry out, before the finishing touches are done and then the paint effects applied and finished and then your finished impressions will be framed and any name details/photos etc. that you wanted added included too. Once your finished piece is completed, we will call you to collect it, these items are rather too fragile to be posted out to the recipient. We realise these keepsakes can sometimes be expensive and to help you with these costs, we are happy to help you spread the payments over a couple of months, meaning that if you wish to, you can pay just half of the full amount when you come in for your initial appointment and the balance when you come in to collect your finished impressions, approx 4 weeks after your initial appointment.

A guide to our prices of these amazing framed outprint impressions is:

2D Impressions Price List

Single framed impression – from £75.00
Single Impression plus photo (supplied by client) – from £95.00
Double framed impression – from £85.00
Double framed impression plus photo (supplied by client) – from £100.00
Full set of impressions – from £150.00
Full set with photo (supplied by client) – from £160.00
LOVE Heart Impressions - from £175.00

Siblings Impressions

Two Children (single impression of each) – from £100.00
Three Children (single impression of each) – from £120.00
Four Children (single impression of each) –from £145.00
Two Children (double impressions of each) – from £120.00
Two Children (double impressions) plus photo (supplied by client) – from £120.00
Three Children (double impressions)  - from £160.00
Four Children (double impressions) – from £200.00

If you wish us to add a photo to any of these options, there will be a small extra charge to cover the cost of the larger frame size, but if you are unsure, then please speak to your keepsake artist who will be able to advise if your finished piece will look best with a photo or not, we stock a huge range of frame styles and colours, these prices give you a good guide but may vary slightly depending on which frame style is chosen.

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