Basic Belly Casting Kit

Basic Belly Casting Kit

What an amazing time pregnancy is and this is both a fascinating and fun thing to do with your bump. If you have a partner, it is a great way for him/her to bond with your bump, as baby will generally join in with a kick or two! All that time of rubbing your belly can be a great bonding experience for all involved and it can be great fun watching the layers grow and the cast get bigger and bigger. Even if you don't have a partner, this kit can be fun to do, whilst sat in your underwear getting plastered (as it were!), your friends will be able to laugh at you getting covered in plaster and will be amazed too, when the cast is complete and held up to be seen. Your bump really does look quite different from other angles and it is quite strange to be able to look at the size of it from different views that you can't normally see when looking down at it!

This is our standard Belly Casting Kit, it contains 4 rolls of medical grade bandages, petroleum jelly, gloves, sandpaper and full instructions and is intended for capturing just the bump cast. Casting your belly is safe for both mum and baby and it is a unique way of capturing your belly to remember always, creating a unique and unusual keepsake of this very special time in your life. We suggest 37 weeks as the optimal time to take a cast, as you are large enough to show off your bump, but not so uncomfortable that you can't manage to sit in one position for 20-30 minutes, but if you wish to, you can capture a cast of every month of your pregnancy to show how much your belly grows, it really is up to you.  You can create a very sturdy just bump cast from this kit, but for a full breast and bump cast, we recommend our luxury belly casting kit which has more bandages and is aimed at capturing the full front cast, this will ensure that the pack you buy will have enough materials to create the cast you choose.

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