Large Kit Black Framed Family Twins / Siblings 3D Casting Kit

Large Kit Black Framed Family Twins / Siblings 3D Casting Kit

Our family Black box framed kit is a 12”x8” (305mm x 204mm) glass size frame with a single mount in it, which is perfect for displaying casts from two (or even a single cast from three) children (ideal for twins too), these frames have a depth of approx. 2” (50mm), they can be hung horizontally or vertically, so a very versatile space for you to use to its best advantage, the space inside the single mount is a generous 10"x6" (254mmx152mm) and it is backed with quality, professional mount board. Simply choose the colour card that you would like and we will change the mount and the backing to your choice, then choose which paint colour you need and create your own combination, to ensure a really unique finished item, all the colour combinations look great, so you can be sure of a great finished keepsake.

This kit is great for displaying casts from children of different ages alongside each other, or for using to display twins casts, it is a very versatile space and you can move your casts around to see how they will work best with the casts you have created.  This kit is gift boxed and comes with lots of powders, enough for up to 12 baby casts (under 1 year), or 8 toddler casts (approx.) so you will have enough to do the casts of twins or siblings. Older childrens casts alongside their younger brothers' or sisters' casts looks amazing, the differences in them will fascinate you for years to come, it is incredible how much they change.

Casting Kit Contents:

12"x8" Large spaced, Black Box Frame, with single mount
908g Alginate Impression Powder (enough for up to 12 baby casts)
1600g High quality Casting Powder
2 x Paint/Glue
Sticks & Stirrers
12 x Strong Poly Casting Bags
Picture Frame Cord & fixings for frame

All presented in a gift box.

Price: £47.99

Available Options

* Mounts Colour:

* Paint Colour:

* Engraving Name Plate:

Engraved Name Plate Colour:

Engraved Plate Line 1:

Engraved Name Plate Line 2:

* Gift Wrapping Service +£5.00:

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