Wedding Hands / Anniversary Statue

Wedding Hands / Anniversary Statue

An original wedding gift or a unique way to mark a special anniversary, or just a lovely way to be able to hold a loved one's hand forever, more personal than any photo, the detail that can be captured is quite incredible, every line and nail will be captured in fine detail. The kit comes complete with a see-through plastic jug for you to take your cast in and there is enough material for 2 attempts, so if you  want to do a practice run, then you can. We also include a small pot of gold paint for painting in the wedding rings if you wish to (*except with the gold paint option as this will be the same colour). This kit comes complete with simple to follow instructions, making it really simple to capture this loving statue.

This kit comes complete with a rectangle, luxury solid mahogany display plinth, all ready for you to display it after you have created your finished piece, it really is quite an impressive decorative piece when finished. As far as wedding gifts go, you can't get much more unique than this, as it will be the actual couple's hands cast in stone, what could be more romantic than that and it will last as a constant reminder of the happy couple's special day.

This kit is also perfect as a personalised anniversary gift, or a way to capture a precious moment with a much loved friend or partner, the plastic jug is the correct size to fit a couples average sized hand clasp, this complete kit comes in a gift box, perfect as a personalised wedding gift or original anniversary gift, capture a precious memory forever.


Price: £39.99

Available Options

* Paint Colour:

* Engraving Name Plate:

Engraved Name Plate Colour:

Engraved Plate Line 1:

Engraved Name Plate Line 2:

* Gift Wrapping Service +£5.00:

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