3D Metal Resin Casts (Bronze/aluminium) Studio Service

3D Metal Resin Casts (Bronze/aluminium) Studio Service

A stunning keepsake service available at our Torpoint (Cornwall) studio, simply book an appointment to come in and have your initial moulds taken, we will need a non-refundable £25.00 deposit to secure your appointment slot, after you have had your moulds taken, this deposit will be deducted from your final keepsake balance. From these initial hand and/or feet impressions, we will create your finished, beautiful baby keepsakes.These 3D resin casts will take approx. 6-8 weeks for us to complete, they will be finished in a way that will bring out the detail in them, for a really fascinating keepsake that you will treasure for years to come, these casts are quite heavy and suitable to be handled, they are more sturdy and will stand being handled much better than plaster casts as they are much stronger.

The price given is for a child under 18months and is for two casts, these can be 2 feet, 2 hands or a hand and a foot cast. We are able to offer these amazing casts in a bronze resin or an aluminium resin finish. Please note that these resin casts do take longer to produce than our regular plaster casts and extra time should be allowed for this, please do allow 8 weeks.


Child under 18 months - 2 bronze or aluminium resin casts (Please enquire for prices of an older child):  £370.00

Price: £325.00
Qty:  Out Of Stock
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