Fine silver fingerprint jewellery has remained a firm favourite with mums and grandmotherly and we have increased our range of fingerprint jewellery to give you more choice so you can have the exact necklace that you wish for. With our modern engraving machines we are also able to offer you exact replicas of hand print and footprints into sterling silver jewellery as well as personalised, engraved photo jewellery, we can offer you a huge range of beautiful, personalised, silver necklaces, bracelets and charms so that we can create beautiful, personalised jewellery that is both personal and unique to you, as well as being of excellent quality and all with a personal touch, every piece is made to a very high standard.


Personalised Engraved Jewellery

Our engraved jewellery has proved very popular and as such we have increased our range, you can now have a range of necklaces and bracelets engraved with a favourite photo, hand prints and/or footprints or even fingerprint jewellery, there are items for both men and women so really something for everyone, we even have personalised key rings which can be engraved and make a practical as well as useful gift for many occasions.


Button People Keepsakes

We have recently been lucky enough to have a range of exclusive button art people pictures created expecially for us by 'Designs By Meg' this range includes button family pictures, button grandparents gifts and even a button bride and groom keepsake, all perfect pieces to brighten any home and they make great gifts that are sure to make the recipients smile.  Check out our lovely range of button art pictures


Most Popular Baby Names 2015 (so far)

                        Girls                            Boys

#1                  Amelia                           Oliver

#2                  Olivia                             Jack

#3                  Emily                             Charlie

#4                  Ava                                Harry

#5                  Isla                                 Jacob  

#6                  Jessica                           George

#7                  Poppy                            Alfie

#8                  Mia                                Noah

#9                  Lily                                James

#10                Isabella                          Oscar    

I wonder how much the new Princess Charlotte will affect the popularity of the name Charlotte later this year, we will just have to wait and see!


Taking Baby Hand and Foot Prints

Taking baby hand and foot prints can indeed be a challenge as babies tend to not stay still!! However you can make it a lot easier to do by firstly using the right product for the job, i.e an inless wipe kit these amazing wipes capture great detail, they use the same technology as the police use for taking fingerprints, so the detail that they capture is incredible and this makes these perfect if you wish to create a variety of other keepsake gifts from your prints, they only work on the specially treated paper that we supply with the kit and we can create stunning silver jewellery, amazingly colourful, large unique canvases, personalised framed keepsakes and even foot print mugs from these really detailed prints and they can be used time and time again; we also have paint wipes these create a much more DIY effect than the inkless wipes, as paint wipes are basically a wet wipe filled with a transluscent baby-safe pastel paint, these do not need any special paper, they will work on any paper or card and this makes them perfect for creating cards for relatives, printing over text (as the text will still show through), simple canvas memories and making prints to go inside of your baby book as a simple precious memory, we can create other keepsakes from these prints, but the detail will not be as clear as using the inkless wipes.

Taking inkless prints

Secondly to create your baby hand and/or footprints, you need to have everything you need ready and close at hand, a large sturdy book or a clip board are a great thing to place the paper onto so you have a solid base to press your baby's hands and feet against, I find a plastic bag a great addition too (as if you place your wipe inside the bag between each wiping, it will last slightly longer), then wipe the inkless wipe (which feels dry) or the paint wipe all over the hand or the foot (feet are easier to capture so start with them), press the foot onto the paper/card/canvas rolling it in one smooth motion from heel to toes and lift away, hands are a little more tricky as babies tend to clench their hands, so take care to ensure you have covered every part, then it is easier with two people working together as one can open out the fingers and one can 'open out' the thumb, work together to place onto the paper, again work from heel of hand to fingers, press and lift away. Once you have your precious hand or foot prints, don't just hide them away, remember that we can create a huge range of stunning keepsakes that you can treasure from your prints, so let us create something special for you and enjoy the memory for years to come.


New Baby Survival Tips #3

Trust your instincts, take on board other people's advice but it is fine to do it your way, there is no one way that parenting works, even something you do one day that works, may not work the next time you try it! This little bundle is bound to turn your life (and your home) upside down, but remember that it won't last forever and you will get through it, don't beat your self up for not getting everything done, the dishes and kitchen floor will wait, your baby will grow fast and you need to look after you as well as them to keep your sanity, celebrate the small achievements like you actually got some washing on, or you got dressed this morning (even though your top was on inside out), going to the toilet or taking a shower un-interrupted are huge achievements in the first few weeks. Accept that your standards need to drop for a while, who cares that you are still wearing the same t-shirt that you've had on for 3 days or that your fridge needs cleaning out, just do what is necessary to get by, soon you'll get back to feeling more like your old self and you'll wonder where the time went. This is a whole new adventure in your life so grab it and roll with the punches.


New Baby Survival Tips #2

Don’t worry about ‘spoiling’ your newborn baby, this is not possible, try instead to work out what works for you and your baby, every baby is individual and different things work for different babies. What a difference for your baby to come from being all warm and snug, with all the noises of your body inside the womb to the outside world, you can understand them sometimes feeling unhappy! You can try swaying, swaddling or even sucking on your finger to soothe your baby’s mood. Just remember that your baby is an individual, experiment to find what works for you, some babies like to go for a walk, a drive in the car, listening to music or womb sounds or even sitting by the washing machine, just do what works best for you.

New Baby Survival Tips

New Baby Tips#1 Sleep Deprivation – We all remember that feeling of absolute exhaustion, new babies tend to sleep quite a bit in the first few weeks but not necessarily all in long bouts, if you can sleep anytime anywhere, then by all means grab sleep when your baby does, if you are not a natural daytime napper, then enlist help (if it’s available), having a relative stop over to do an occasional night shift will seriously help a lot as if you can get a stretch of uninterrupted sleep you will feel so much more able to cope with the trials of your new little bundle. If possible try a trade off with your hubby, perhaps he can look after your new baby in the living room whilst you grab some much needed rest upstairs, just a relatively small amount of quality sleep can make all the difference to how you feel, so if help is available, take advantage of it!


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