Engraved Footprint Hand Print Cufflinks

Engraved Footprint Hand Print Cufflinks


Personalised engraved hand print or footprint cufflinks, featuring a print and a name (if required & space is limited) on each cufflink, you decide whether to add a single hand print and single footprint, or two handprints or two footprints, the choice is yours, so this makes these personalised cufflinks suitable for one child or for two childrens' prints. Every cufflink is individually produced with your child's hand or footprint and will come presented in  FREE gift packaging, so perfect as a gift for someone else or just a precious keepsake for yourself.

Taking the handprints or footprints couldn't be easier with our amazing inkless wipe kits which can be added to your order if you need this, but we can also create these items from hand  prints or footprints that you already have, simply choose to upload your prints or clear photos of them that you already have or add your inkless wipe kit to your order (this will be sent out first if required and we will need the prints returned before we can create your cufflinks).  If you have several photos to upload for us to choose from, then you will need to email them to us as you can only upload a single image for each space here, please include your order number and name in the email so we can match it to your order. As we miniaturise the prints for you, they can be from anyone at any age (you can even have your parents' prints on a cufflink if you wish to), so age is not a deciding factor in choosing our hand print, footprint jewellery.


Each Cufflink: approx. 17mm x 8mm
Material: 925 Stainless Steel
Packaging: FREE Gift Packaging

This price is inclusive of FREE UK MAINLAND postage, for all other areas we offer a small subsidised posting charge.

Photos of prints should be clear and straight on of the desired hand/foot and not obstructed by your hand or fingers, please ensure any photos are good quality, please do not crop your photos, it is better to leave us to do that for you, this way we can be sure of creating the best possible piece for you. PLEASE NOTE IF YOU ARE SENDING MORE THAN ONE PHOTO PER UPLOAD BOX, YOU WILL NEED TO EMAIL THEM TO US.

Price: £49.99

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