Pet Paw 3D Casting Kit

Pet Paw 3D Casting Kit

A lovely 3d casting kit for capturing some 3d paw casts from our furry friends, these kits are aimed at casting 3d paw casts from cats and dogs, for any other domestic animals please ask if suitable before purchasing  This kit includes enough materials to have a practice run through and create some casts of your cat or dog, this pet casting kit is specially designed for taking pet paw casts, capturing a high degree of detail and a wooden effect display plinth to display your best cast or two on (dependent on size of pet). Full instructions are supplied with this pet casting kit and photos shown are of dog paws, a special way to capture a stunning keepsake of your best friend.

Please ensure that you follow the directions carefully to ensure no discomfort for your pet choose which paint colour you would like to finish your pet casts in from the drop down box.

Price: £32.99

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