Bespoke Solid Silver Miniature Life Cast Jewellery

Bespoke Solid Silver Miniature Life Cast Jewellery

We are proud to be the only supplier of this range of amazing bespoke, silver miniature 3D life cast jewellery in the Devon/Cornwall area, the detail that can be captured is incredible. To make these stunning bespoke miniature life cast jewellery items, we are able to offer you a professional casting service to have your beautiful 3d casts taken in our Torpoint (Cornwall) studio ensuring that your casts will turn out well, it is after all a keepsake that you will treasure forever and you will need a highly detailed cast to ensure that you get the best results for your finished silver jewellery. Simply book an appointment by calling us on 01752 815444 to book your initial appointment, we will then take highly detailed casts that will be prepared and sent off to our wonderfully talented partner Claire, to be transformed into stunning, miniature life cast jewellery pieces, she will use their highly advanced techniques to produce these beautiful, solid silver replicas of your baby's hands and/or feet, the same cast can be used to create as many silver miniature life cast jewellery pieces as you wish, so if you want more than one created at the same time, this can be done and it vastly reduces the costs too. 

Due to the processes needed to create these stunning pieces of jewellery, you will need to allow up to 12 weeks for your personalised sterling silver, miniature cast jewellery to be created for you, we can create miniature hand or foot charms, pendants and cufflinks, the choice is yours, but whichever you choose, you can be sure of a quality, personalised and bespoke Hallmarked 3D silver hand or foot cast jewellery item that is a unique replica of your child's hand or foot and is so worth waiting for as these pieces are heirloom quality and hallmarked solid silver.  We are also happy to offer our previous customers the opportunity to have these created from casts that we have previously created too, simply contact us to enquire about having these beautiful, hallmarked solid silver hands and/or feet made from casts we have already made for you.  These Hallmarked 3D solid silver jewellery pieces are absolutely outstanding and we are very proud to be able to offer them as a bespoke service to you, a truly beautiful baby heirloom and a real treasure.

Prices From

* Single hand or foot charm from £400.00
* Single hand or foot charm on a bracelet or necklace chain from £450.00
* Double charms on bracelet or necklace chain from £750.00 
* Single hand or foot charm on keyring from £480.00
* Double charm on keyring from £750.00
* Holding hands charm on a keyring from £750.00
* A pair of cufflinks from £800.00

Price: £400.00
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