Medium Frame Black - Single Spaced Deep Box Frame only

Medium Frame Black - Single Spaced Deep Box Frame only

This frame is available in a black, wooden molding, the glass size is 10”x8” (255 x 204mm) and the display area is 8"x6" (204mm x 152mm) and this is a great frame to use for 3d casts or other memorabilia that you wish to display, this frame can be used landscape or portrait, whichever suits your finished display.

This frame can also be used for displaying other 3d keepsake items such as first shoes, birth memorabilia or small wedding keepsakes. Our box frames have a depth of approx. 2” (50mm) and they all include professional framing cord and all the frame fixings so that you can hang them on the wall.

This is a very sturdy frame with a back box that is securely fixed to the back of the frame, the back box is approx 2" (50mm) deep, making it perfect to house 3d casts, giving you the optimal depth to enhance the 3d effect; because it is a good depth, this makes it suitable to display many other items of memorabilia too, so it may be suitable to display other collectable items that you may wish to have out on display, but protected behind the glass front, our frames have glass fronts, rather than perspex which scratches too easily. The frame comes complete with the single spaced mount already in it, all ready for you to use.

Frame Contents:

10" x 8" x 2" Black Box-frame
Single spaced mount
Professional framing cord
All necessary fixings for the frame.

Price: £27.49

Available Options

* Mounts Colour:

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