Parent & Child or 2 Siblings Prints Keepsake Creation

Parent & Child or 2 Siblings Prints Keepsake Creation

A super way to display your hand or footprint alongside your baby's or child's, a wonderful keepsake for a new parent that will always make you smile. This is a keepsake creation, so when you order, we will send you some inkless wipe kits for you to capture your prints, you don't need to worry if they're not absolutely perfect, as we can take out any smudges, tidy up any edges and even fill in any missing digits, we will also change the colours for you, so your keepsake really is in professional hands. Simply return your prints to us via email or post and we will set about creating your finished keepsake for you.

This keepsake is framed in a 10"x8" or a 12"x10" white or black wooden frame, dependant on the size of the larger hand or footprint, we will automatically print for the larger frame if the print is too big for the 10"x8" size. The prints are printed with acid free inks and on archive paper to ensure that they won't fade away and the colour will stay vibrant. The frame will come beautiful presented when finished, please allow up to 10 days from receiving the completed prints back for us to complete your keepsake.

A really lovely way to show the difference in size of siblings or parent and child. 


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