Hand-made Button Picture - Heart

Hand-made Button Picture - Heart

A totally stunning Buttton Picture Heart, a really lovely, unique keepsake to treasure.The printed words are printed using acid-free inks on acid-free, quality archive paper, ensuring that your finished keepsake will last and not fade away, the printed poem is a lovely sentimental message and the buttons vary for each one made, we will try to theme the colour of the buttons to suit your requirements, simply by choosing the colour from the drop down box and which style theme (poem) you require is all you need to do, we have two sentiments to choose from, either:

a) Congratulations, a beautiful baby Boy/Girl

b) No earthly joys could bring more pleasure, than a little one to love and treasure

We will then add some feature buttons in that chosen colour and enhance your printed text and finish for your keepsake, the theme will vary slightly with each piece, but each piece will be beautifully enhanced to make it look amazing, each piece will be carefully made to create a beautiful keepsake.

The buttons are all attached by hand to the heart shaped base and each piece is made individually, so you can be sure of a unique piece of art every time you place an order and you can be assured of a good range of plain and patterned buttons and embellishments being used to complete your piece, the buttoned piece will be fixed into the chunky, luxury, solid wood frame, of which the glass measures 8"x8" (204mm x 204mm), the overall frame size is slightly larger, the sentimental message will appear either side of the button heart.

A beautiful, hand-made, unique keepsake that cannot be bought on the high street, that is sure to be admired by everyone, the price shown includes this item complete in the luxury frame and in a gift box.

Price: £24.99

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