Large Luxury Baby Sock Bouquets Alternative to Nappy Cakes

Large Luxury Baby Sock Bouquets Alternative to Nappy Cakes

This beautiful, large, luxury baby sock bouquet makes a practical gift as well as a thoughtful gift for a new mum. Made up of artificial flowers and useful baby socks & bibs, these bouquets can be dismantled when the new mum is ready, so that the socks and bibs included can be used for baby. We use baby socks that are to fit at least a 3 - 6 month old baby, so that there is no mad rush to dis-assemble the bouquet too quickly, as the contents will keep a while and don't need to be used immediately, after all the new Mum may be a little busy!

These luxury baby sock bouquets are available in 2 different sizes, this is our larger, luxury bouquet and it is wrapped in luxury tissue paper & cellophane and wrapped with a decorative bow to finish it off to look just like a lovely bouquet of flowers and is also presented in a gift bag too, you can also choose to add a personalised gift card, just like with a real flower bouquet, we will hand write this for you and attach it to your bouquet. Bouquets are available in a choice of Girl, Boy or Neutral, simply choose from the drop down box and we will create it with this theme in mind for you.

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