Luxury Belly Casting Kit

Luxury Belly Casting Kit

This is our Deluxe Belly Casting Kit, it contains 6 rolls of medical grade bandages, petroleum jelly, gloves, disposable apron, plastic sheeting, sandpaper and full instructions. Casting your belly is safe for both mum and baby and it is a unique way of capturing your belly to remember always, creating a unique and unusual keepsake of a very special time in your life. This luxury kit includes more rolls of bandage than our standard kit, so will do belly and breasts easily and give you a nice sturdy cast as you will have plenty to cover the front of your torso.

Simple to create a fantastic 3D mould of your fascinating pregnant belly, this kit is a great way of spending an evening. Couples enjoy the closeness that creating a belly cast involves and others turn it into a great girls night in, getting plastered!! The finished cast can be decorated however you like, a simple idea is to put baby's hand and footprints onto the belly after they are born and add their name and birth date, sure to turn a happy memory into a talking point. It is strange to be able to look at your belly from different angles, as it looks completely different than just looking down on it and it is fascinating to imagine how your baby actually fitted inside of that bump, also giving you a great photo opportunity after baby is born, to take a few snaps of baby inside the cast, a really cute photo idea. 

This kit is fairly messy to use, but mess is cleaned up easily if done on a tiled or lino floor, this luxury kit also includes a plastic sheet that you can put down to help capture the mess. We recommend that you need a helper to help you create this cast, the pregnant lady will need to stay relatively still whilst it is created. We recommend the best time to do these casts is approx. 37 weeks, but you can create them every single month if you wish to, this is a great way of recording how much your bump is growing and how much it changes every month, but if you just want one cast, then a couple of weeks before baby is due, is probably best.


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