Engraved Hand Print Footprint Silver Necklace

Engraved Hand Print Footprint Silver Necklace

These are super quality,  925 sterling silver, hand print or footprint engraved heart necklaces, made especially for you with personal hand and foot prints (and optional) text on the front (should you wish us to add a name or date etc) and personalised text on the back, making this an amazing detailed personalised keepsake, these amazing pieces are a super upgrade from the old style handprint or footprint necklaces, where all you got was a rough shape of the hand or foot from the moulding method used, these necklaces show all the detail of the baby handprint or footprint if the image is taken from an inkless wipe print, they are all engraved into 925 sterling silver in these heart charms, this makes the detail that is captured much higher quality and the sterling silver is much tougher than fine silver, so you can wear it without worrying about ruining it, making for a very wearable and luxury finished product and you can choose to have a handprint necklace, a footprint necklace or you can even ask us to use a hand print and a footprint, it is your choice. 

The heart pendant for these footprint necklaces measures approx. 22mm x 22mm and we will adjust your prints to ensure that they are the best they can be for your engraved hand print, footprint necklace, our keepsake artists are very skilled at doing this for you. The 925 sterling silver charms are stunning quality pieces and are a nice thickness, they are stamped with the 925 sterling silver mark and make a stunning, personalised keepsake, a special keepsake that you can keep close to your heart always. This beautiful, personalised hand print and/or footprint necklace comes with a FREE 18" sterling silver, fine snake chain already attached and ready to wear and it is presented in FREE luxury gift packaging for a perfect personalised gift that is extremely personal to you, this is an extremely beautiful piece.

These items are actually engraved into the silver, not just printed onto so the engraving will not rub off; the engraving is etched into the surface of the item and is permanent. Please note that these are not made in colour, although the image can be taken from a colour or black and white photo if creating these with photos, it will still be monochrome when engraved, as the picture is an engraved image in the surface of the sterling silver. We will help you to create your own personal gifts, give a personalised gift that will be treasured for years to come. This is a very personalised keepsake as you can choose what text and prints you want on your keepsake, text can be engraved alongside your prints if you wanted a name or date added for example (remember that space is limited alongside your prints), or you can even add a short poem or special saying to the reverse of the pendant, for a small extra charge, we can even do a photo on the reverse of the heart shaped pendant instead of any text.  With any text you want added, please ensure that you check your spelling and grammar as we will copy and paste your text and will be unable to make any corrections on your behalf, please also include any capital letters you wish to be included, your finished piece will be made especially for you, it is your personalised jewellery and you can spell things however you wish, we will create it as you instruct us to.

Our stunning 925 sterling silver, engraved print heart necklaces are created by a detailed etching technique, which relies on the contrast between the light and dark areas of a photo, so the clearer the hand and foot prints you have, the clearer the finished effect will be, although our keepsake artists are very talented in doing this for you and can often do wonders with your photos. When the light falls on the hand print, footprint necklace it gives your prints a three-dimensional holographic effect & it will look clearer in certain lights than others, there is no printing and sticking involved in the production of an engraved photo necklace, it is all engraved into the metal by precision machine. These items are normally produced and dispatched within a few days of ordering and include FREE GIFT PACKAGING giving your finished piece a luxurious feel.

** Please note: If you wish this item to be engraved with hand & footprints and you don't already have detailed prints, please either add the inkless wipe kit to create detailed prints or take your own using ink or paint at home, please note though that we can also create hand and foot print charms from prints you already have (simply upload these prints as your photo option) or the alternative is to send us a really clear photo of their foot/feet or hands and we can use these for a fabulous 3d holographic effect for your charm instead of prints, please ensure it is a clear photo and not obstructed by any of your fingers, both necklaces created from prints and from photos are shown in our examples, but the results will be best from really clear prints.**

This price is inclusive of FREE UK MAINLAND postage, for all other areas we offer a small subsidised posting charge.

Photos should be clear and straight on of the desired hand/foot and not obstructed by your hand or fingers, please ensure any prints are good quality, please do not crop your prints, it is better to leave us to do that for you, this way we can be sure of creating the best possible piece for you.

Price: £35.99

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