Personalised Hand or Footprint Mugs

Personalised Hand or Footprint Mugs

This is our Mug with Footprints or a hand print, the ultimate in personal and useful gifts. Have your child's actual hand and/or foot prints printed onto a dishwasher safe mug (*please note that your prints will need to be reduced if they are larger than approx. 8.5cm), they can be printed in blue, pink or black (the actual depth of colour will vary from print to print, depending on how clear the prints are originally), you can also have your message &/or date of your choice printed on the reverse of the mug, making this a really personal gift for all occasions.

If you already have the prints to send us that's great, you can upload or send them to us after you have paid, if not then you will need to start with the basic inkless wipe prints kit which you add to your basket at a reduced price, when you have taken these at home, send them back to us via post or email and when we have received them, your mug will be produced and then dispatched to you within 10 days of receipt of the completed prints (let us know if you need it by a certain date and we will do our best to ensure this for you). We can normally add either one hand and one foot, this doesn't leave a lot of room for a message; a hand print and a message; or two footprints and a message, but please ask if you have something else that you'd like. We try to keep the prints true to size so please send them in full size as we will try to re-create them the same as your original prints.

The first mug costs £19.99 and any duplicate mugs cost just £15.99 (when purchased altogether) you can change the words on each of these mugs but they will all have the same prints, so you can buy personal mugs for different people at the same time at a great price. You will need to send us the wording that you require on each mug (please check your spelling & grammar, we will print it as instructed by you) and which colour you want your prints and words to appear in, you can choose from blue, pink, black or red.  If you post your prints to us we will return them along with your mug(s).

* Add an Inkless Print kit at a discounted price of £9.99 (needed if you do not already have your prints to send to us) and we will dispatch this first for you to take the prints at home and then return them to us for us to create your mug.

Price: £19.99

Available Options

Upload Prints if already Have Them:

* Inkless Wipe Kit For Creating Prints +£9.99:

* Text Colour:

* Select Print Colour:

Text Line 1:

Text Line 2:

Text Line 3:

Special Instructions:

* Gift Wrapping Service +£5.00:

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