Siblings Hand or Footprints Keepsake Service

Siblings Hand or Footprints Keepsake Service

Baby hand prints and footprints are just fascinating, these beautiful hand and footprint keepsakes are a perfect way to capture baby memories forever and they are really easy to create, we send you the kit to take the prints, you return it and we will enhance them and tidy up any mishaps for you to give you a beautiful, professional  baby keepsake at an affordable price.

It is really amazing how much children change over the years and the differences in the sizes of their hands or feet is really quite astonishing, this beautiful keepsake creation is a really lovely way of showing off the differences, by displaying their prints next to each other, within the same frame. When you order this kit, we will send you inkless wipe kits to capture the prints of 3 children (either hands or feet) and we will change the colours of the prints for you, take out any smudges and tidy them up and even fill in any missing digits, so you don't need to worry if they're not absolutely perfect, we will help!  We will also ask you if the prints are of boys or girls and we will add the names and ages of each of the children to the finished prints, we will then alter the colours for you and create your unique finished piece, you will be able to choose colours and add detailed information to the form we send you with the prints kit, simply return via email or post and we will sort the rest for you, if the prints are too large to fit the names under the prints, then we will be able to add the names next to or along the edges of the prints, we will email you to ask you which alternative you prefer if this is the case. Please allow up to 7 days from return of the completed prints for this item to be finished and dispatched.

Available in a black wooden frame or a white wooden frame and the frame size is 12x10" and is glass fronted, the prints are printed with acid free inks and on archive paper to ensure that your prints do not fade away and will keep their bright colour for you to enjoy for many years to come, this keepsake is suitable for children up to approx. 5 years of age, if you have older children which you want to include please ask as we can do this as a bigger version for you for a small extra charge.

Price: £49.00

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