3D Family Casting Services

3D Family Casting Services

We are able to offer you a professional casting service to have your beautiful 3d casts taken in our Torpoint (Cornwall) studio, taking all the pressure off of you and ensuring that your casts will turn out well, it is after all a keepsake that you will treasure forever and is worth paying a little extra for to ensure that you get the best family hand and feet casts that a professional service offers. Simply book an appointment by calling us on 01752 815444 to book your initial appointment, where you come in and we take the initial moulds for you and choose the finishes that you want, we will take a non-refundable £25.00 deposit over the phone to secure your appointment space and this deposit will then be deducted from your order. From the appointment we will set about creating these masterpieces for you, this normally takes approx. 28 days and so if you wish to spread the cost, we are happy to take half the total at your initial appointment and the rest when you come in to collect your casts, this will help to spread the cost across two months, rather than all at once, we will telephone you when your finished casts are ready to be collected.

These photos are just some examples of our work and this is a guide to our prices, these prices are calculated for our complete casting services, if you do not purchase a complete, finished keepsake, then we may charge slightly more for our part services.  We can take casts of any age to go into frames as these are taken individually, we can display them in a variety of ways, there are a few examples below but we can pretty much do anything, so if you have a particular layout in mind (with or without a photo added), we'll be happy to discuss this with you.

3D Family Casting Services 

£160.00 Adult and Child holding hands or Siblings holding Hands Statue mounted on wooden plinth

£165.00 For Adult Couple Holding Hands Statue

Framed Casts

Family of three children - from £210.00 (dependant on ages of children)
Family of four children - from £225.00 (dependent on ages of children)

Adults and children - from £230.00 for two adults and one child
Adults and children - from £280.00 for two adults and two children
Adults and children - from £320.00 for two adults and three children
Adults and children - from £350.00 for two adults and four children

These prices are for guidance only as it depends on how old the children are, but the prices shown are a good guide to how much your casts will cost.

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