Hand/Footprint Keepsake Studio Services

Hand/Footprint Keepsake Studio Services

We are able to offer a variety of keepsakes from hand and footprints in our studio, if you wish for us to take your impressions for you, simply phone and book an appointment and you can then come in to have your impressions taken by us (there will be a small charge for this service of £7.50 for us to take these for you & this service is available by appointment only,  it is not compulsory for us to take them for you as part of any of our services, we are happy for you to do this part yourself at home), we can then create a variety of keepsakes for you, right here in our studio, using the prints you or we have taken. 

PLEASE NOTE this £7.50 charge is just for us taking the prints, this does not cover any of the finished keepsake items, this is purely for our help to take the prints for you and the materials required to take the prints, if you have purchased a keepsake service and you wish us to take the prints for you, then please book an appointment for us to do this for you. This service can be used for us to create any of our hand print or footprint silver jewellery collection too.

If you don't live close enough to come in to our studio for these print services, or you would simply prefer to take the impressions yourself, then we do offer most of these inkless print kits in our 'Keepsake Creations' options, where you can take the prints yourself at home and return them to us, where we will still be able to create your finished keepsake for you, so the best of both worlds, these fascinating keepsakes can be created either way. If you choose to take the impressions yourself, then don't worry about any smudges, or missing fingers, we will be able to sort all of these out for you when you return the prints, or clear photographs of the prints to us.

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