Refill Kit 3D Casting Replacement Powders

Refill Kit 3D Casting Replacement Powders

These refill kits consist of just the alginate impression powder, casting powder, extra stirrers, sticks and extra casting bags, so that you can add these to your kit to increase your casting abilities when you purchase a kit from us or if you wish to buy some extra powders to create your perfect piece, then you can without it costing you a fortune, this pack enables you to make an extra 6 baby casts. and is perfect as an add-on to any of our 3d casting kits, it doesn't come with full casting instructions, just basic water to powder mixes, as this is not intended as a complete casting kit, but as a top up or add on and you will therefore already have the full instructions on how to create your casts that were sent with your original kit.


Refill Kit Contents:

454g Alginate Impression Powder
800g High quality Casting Powder
6 Strong, Poly Bags
Basic ratios of water to powder instructions.

Price: £22.99
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