A FINE SILVER Textured Fingerprint Heart Necklace

A FINE SILVER Textured Fingerprint Heart Necklace

A FINE SILVER Textured Fingerprint Heart Necklace, every fingerprint is unique and so every piece of fingerprint jewellery will vary and therefore be unique to you and the print will be of your fingerprint, how much of the fingerprint is visible will depend on how large the fingerprint is, if only part of it will fit, then we will pick out the most detailed part to include on your textured fingerprint necklace.  

Young children do not have well defined fingerprints, the prints will begin to become more defined from approx. 18 months of age, the older the child the more defined the fingerprint becomes, but the definition varies greatly from person to person, so best to try it and see how detailed the prints you want done actually are before deciding on which jewellery to order, if unsure how to check, please do ask. On the whole, these textured fingerprint necklaces work best for older children and adults rather than young babies, each will be totally unique and include part of your fingerprint, we will always try to pick out the most interesting part of your print, this will be put into fine silver which will then be fired and finished to create your unique jewellery.

If you decide that your child is too young to have the fine silver fingerprint jewellery done, you can choose our fine silver fingertip jewellery for young babies, this is taken in the same way, just that you press the back of the finger into the putty instead of the front of the fingerprint, which creates a detailed and unique piece which is more interesting and personal than just a dent in the silver where the fingerprint has no definition, please do ask advice if you are unsure and we will be able to advise you accordingly, so that you can get the best piece for your child's age group, we want you to get a jewellery piece that you will love and treasure and there are options for every age group. 

With these textured fingerprint necklaces, there is room on the back of the charm for us to add an initial to your charm, we will send you an order form with your putty to complete the detaiils, this textured fingerprint necklace comes complete with an 18" sterling silver curb chain and it is presented in luxury gift packaging, a really lovely and unique keepsake for an older child or adult fingerprint. Please follow our pictorial guide to take your child's fingerprints to see if they are detailed enough for us to create a keepsake from, if you order this item we will send you a putty kit to capture the fingerprint first, you take the impressions at home and once returned to us we will begin to work on your jewellery.

Fine silver is softer than normal sterling silver and your finished, textured fingerprint jewellery will have very slight bumps and imperfections in the finished piece, this is natural and to be expected and is part of the charm of having fine silver jewellery hand-made especially for you. These pieces are all made by hand and is not mass produced by a machine, each piece will be lovingly created by our specialist keepsake artists to the highest quality and will be unique to you as each is made from your individual fingerprint, making it totally unique to you. These pieces normally take up to 14 days to be completed once you return the completed putty moulds for us to take the impression from, so please order in plenty of time for any occasion and bear in mind that at very busy time i.e. Mother's Day and Christmas, we will be very busy and the lead time may be a little longer than normal, please place your orders early to ensure they are done in time for any special occasions. This item comes complete with luxury FREE GIFT PACKAGING.

This price is inclusive of FREE UK MAINLAND postage, for all other areas we offer a small subsidised posting charge.

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