Wholesale Inkless Wipe Handprint Footprint Kits x10

Wholesale Inkless Wipe Handprint Footprint Kits x10

These wholesale inkless wipe hand and foot print kits are a useful addition to any life-casters arsenal a bulk pack of inkless wipe kits  for taking detailed hand and/or footprints from babies, they show up all the tiny lines in the hand and footprints making them perfect to use to create a variety of keepsake items. This pack consists of 10 x inkless wipes each with two sheets of special paper to take the prints on (these items do not work on ordinary paper), these prints are perfect for using to create jewellery, personalised keepsakes, mugs and other unique keepsakes. These wipes are used in USA hospitals for identification of newborn babies when they are born, so they are well tested and are intended for this use.

These wipes are amazingly easy to use and they are virtually mess-free, they capture a high rate of detail and so are perfect for making jewellery and other fine keepsake items that require a detailed hand and/or foot print, they are baby safe and can be used on even new-born babies so perfect to capture prints of any age, perfect for jewellery businesses, hospitals and trusts.

Our kits include 2 large sheets of paper and a single inkless wipe in each pack. This kit can also be used for pet paw prints.

Wholesale Inkless Wipe Kit x10 Contents:

1 x Inkless Wipe
2 x A4 sheets of specially treated paper

Price: £44.99
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