Special Casting Plaster 800g

Special Casting Plaster 800g

Our High Grade Casting Plaster in a replacement pack. This is the same high quality, fine casting plaster that we use in our 3d casting kits and is great if this needs replacing for any reason. Any plaster should not be used to create the moulds to create 3d casts, as it is not intended to be used on skin and can be dangerous if not used correctly, please follow the instructions carefully and do not use this plaster in direct contact with the skin.

Our plaster is very fine and captures good detail, but is strong enough to set hard and will not disintegrate over time, meaning that your casts will last a lifetime and not crumble away as some plasters will, this casting plaster is great for capturing all the detail of your moulds.


800g High quality, fine casting plaster
Basic instructions for water to powder mix

Price: £12.49
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