Special Casting Plaster 2KG

Special Casting Plaster 2KG

Our High Grade, strong Casting Plaster comes in a handy reusable tub, this is perfect to make up the 3d casts from moulds that you have already got material to create. Plaster must not be used in direct contact with skin and should therefore not be used to create the moulds (alginate is sold seperately and this is what we use to create the original moulds), plaster can cause severe burns to skin if not used correctly, please follow instructions carefully and do not let come into direct contact with skin, this cannot be used to create your moulds, only to create the casts after the moulds are taken.

This is only the plaster and you will also need to have other material to create the moulds if you are intending to create 3D casts using this item as you firstly need to create the moulds and then use this strong, fine plaster to create the casts from the negative moulds. This plaster is a strong, fine plaster that is perfect for making up baby casts, when set, it is very strong and can be sanded easily to create the best casts possible.

This plaster can of course be used for other DIY projects you may wish to use it for, basic mixing instructions and quantities will be included with this item.



2kg Quality, Fine, Casting Plaster
Basic instructions for water to powder ratios






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