Single Large Pot of Paint

Single Large Pot of Paint

An extra large pot of quality paint, perfect for painting your finished casts and can be added as an extra to your kit if you wish to try out different colour effects.

There is approx. 100ml of metallic paint in these pots and with a great choice of colours to choose from, your only difficulty will be which colour to choose, choose from the drop down box to choose the colour paint that you require.

All of these paints will make your casts look incredible, the paints are thick enough to cover the plaster, but not so thick to cover any of the fine detail that has been captured in your casts and painting your casts with 2 thinner layers is better than painting them with one thick layer, there is enough paint here to easily cover lots of baby casts or even an adult hand or foot cast, this paint can also be used for painting our clay impressions too

Price: £7.99

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