The Day You were Born Birth Details Key Ring

The Day You were Born Birth Details Key Ring

The Day You were Born, Birth Details keepsake key ring is a quality engraved key ring with baby's birth details on the front and a personalised message  on the back, these are made especially for you and will be personalised just as you require, each one is individually created just for you, if you don't already have hand or footprints, then you can simply add the FREE inkless wipe kit to your order  and we will send this out first for you take the prints and scan or return them to us so that we can make your personalised key ring for you. The hand and/or footprint, birth details key rings are made from luxury, mirror shine, stainless steel; they make a stunning personalised keepsake and are a very practical gift too, a special keepsake made especially for you. These items are engraved not just printed onto so the engraving will not rub off; the engraving is etched into the surface of the item and is permanent, this item captures all the day you were born details that are precious to so many parents or Grandparents and these really do make a great gift.

The day you were born birth details key ring include all the important information of the birth and the hand print or footprints (we can generally fit one handprint or two footprints, or one of each) details on these key rings is monochrome when engraved, as is the text and prints are engraved into the surface of the metal, the details will not rub off. Give a personalised gift that will be treasured for years to come as you can add your own personal message to the reverse of each one if desired, this is a really gorgeous, personalised key ring.

Our stunning birth details engraved key rings are created by a detailed etching technique, it is all engraved into the metal so creating a really fabulous, quality and personalised keepsake, our machines are top of the range for excellent detail.

Price is inclusive of FREE UK Mainland postage, for other areas there will be an extra charge.

** Please note: If you wish this item to be engraved with hand & footprints and you don't already have detailed prints, please either add the inkless wipe kit to create detailed prints at home (if this is chosen we will send you this kit first to obtain the prints and return them to us) or take your own using ink or paint at home. Please note though that we can also create hand and foot print charms from prints you already have (simply upload these prints as your photo option) please ensure it is a clear photo.**


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